Unleashing The Power of Information

WhizBot: AI Assistant for WhatsApp

Embark on a journey of seamless communication and instant knowledge with WhizBot, the revolutionary AI chatbot that resides right in your WhatsApp. Answering questions, providing insights, and simplifying your life has never been easier!

Seamless communication and instant knowledge with WhizBot


24/7 Accessibility

Always on and ready to serve, WhizBot is your dedicated companion, there to answer your queries, anytime, anywhere.

Knowledge Packed

Powered by OpenAI's advanced models, WhizBot offers an extensive database of knowledge at your command.


Enjoy the convenience of a familiar platform - your WhatsApp. No downloads or complicated setups. Just add, text, and go!

Secure and Confidential

Your data privacy is our priority. All interactions are secure and confidential. Connect your whatsapp number with secure QR code.

Create custom Persona

Whizbot can work and act as a persona of your choice and can generate answers via information available in the public domain via OpenAI's models.

Bring your own Data and Models

Connect with the NewRA from IntegrateX to build your custom model trained with your own data and enterprise information

General Purpose Chat Agent

GPT Genie

Build a general purpose chat bot that can answer any question as a virtual expert on any topic and context.

  • Based on OpenAI models already trained on info available in pubic domain
  • Capture visitor info optionally before Chat starts for increased efficiency and verification
  • Create persona based chat agent to enact as an expert on any subject or topic
  • Can be set up on Individual / Business Whatsapp Number

Deliver lightening fast response to customers

Enterprise Bot

No installation required for any user to use - capture the platform trusted by people worldwide.

  • Tap on to 200M active users of Whatsapp - one of the largest audience to be reached instantly.
  • Track and analyse the conversations to create personalised experience for your customers
  • Bring in your enterprise data to connect with your custom Knowledge base from Newra by IntegrateX.

Get started with Whizbot

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