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Enterprise Resource Planning

Defining Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

IntegrateX recognizes that enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be a momentous decision, whether it is an initial launch or a replacement of an antiquated version of an ERP system. The factors influencing the decision span all components of the enterprise from sales through fulfillment. What results is reduction of costs, improvements in efficiency and customer service, and even increased sales through an integrated CRM.

Employing ERP solutions for the first time, consolidating or upgrading them in response to new requirements is hard work. In spite of the challenges, the benefits of new functionality, streamlined processes, and enhanced reporting make investments in ERP software an important part of maintaining and improving financial and operational performance. IntegrateX helps clients maximize the potential of new or underperforming ERP systems by designing solutions that are flexible and resilient to changing operational strategy. By unlocking the value of underutilized functionality, we help organizations reduce errors, eliminate manual workarounds, and minimize the high cost of ownership associated with application support and ongoing development.

Security Drives Success

The proliferation of devices, connectivity, and services expands the potential attack surface and complicates the defense of enterprise assets when they are protected by software only. IntegrateX gives you a secure and trusted foundation that allows the extension of protection as workloads take utilize of additional hardware-integrated features. Embedded security technologies inside IntegrateX platforms harden protection for information and identities so that a stolen laptop doesn’t have to mean data breaches, compliance violations, and potential brand damage. These technologies can support and enhance strong multifactor authentication, which helps to prevent unauthorized access to corporate resources even if a username and password are compromised. They strengthen encryption, making it practically impossible for unauthorized people to view data on lost or stolen devices. They also accelerate encryption, making it less disruptive to the end user so that encryption can be used more widely. By accelerating some security tasks to the hardware, embedded security features on IntegrateX platforms can help decrease software-based pressure on computing cores, which means that stronger security does not decrease user experience or system performance.

“Although the volume of [stealthy] threats is unlikely to approach that of simpler attacks on Windows* and applications, the impact of these complex attacks can be far more devastating.” —McAfee Labs, “2013 Threats Predictions”