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Enterprise Mobility

Strategic Analysis & Optimal Integration

The concept behind an enterprise mobility strategy phase is to fully analyze business needs and application requirements comprehensively by taking into account the most optimal choice of mobile enterprise application platform. Making the right choice is extremely important in deciding the success of your enterprise mobility initiative. We help clients even choose the right device based on their specific requirements.

Apart from decisions that are based on features, a good enterprise mobility management strategy will take into account all the possible security threats and have measures in place to combat those.

With an intelligent framework of technologies, organizations can provide easy access to applications and data so that users can remain productive. With the tools we implement, IT administrators can utilize technologies and procedures to manage disparate devices. The ERP tools we utilize also help to protect the organization's systems, data, and network.

The propagation of mobility is creating some friction, particularly within corporate IT departments. Security, complexity of support, cost, limited IT budgets, and conflict for prevalence between PCs and laptops are all points of concern when it comes to IT operations. In addition, enterprise mobility integration challenges and the rapid leaps of mobile technology advancement, and it's no wonder that IT departments are increasingly pressured to deliver at the zenith of excellence.

IntegrateX takes the necessary steps in developing a holistic mobility strategy that lays the foundation and ground rules for enterprise mobility implementation while evaluating the alternatives.

IntegrateX enables companies to rethink their business models, reinvent their organizations and renovate their operations in order to reap the benefits and overcome the inevitable obstacles of enterprise mobility.

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