Total Accommodation of Data Storage

Fine-grained precision and maximum data security

Data Warehouse

Instantaneous Adaptation

IntegrateX participates in the early planning stages to evaluate your organization's readiness to launch a DW/BI initiative and develop an effective strategy for moving forward. We work with management to identify a high-priority, manageable initial scope, develop justification, and establish a roadmap for subsequent phases. The readiness deliverable summarizes our findings and specific recommendations.

If you have a mature DW/BI environment, an assessment engagement will identify opportunities to grow and enhance your capabilities. IntegrateX will work with your organization to evaluate your current environment, assess your methodology and strategy, and ensure your organization's DW/BI capabilities align with the business's strategies and requirements. Our goal is to formulate a business-driven plan for on-going investments in your DW/BI environment. The assessment analysis will identify critical gaps, needs and recommended actions.

Speed of Adoption is Critical

While there are tools and technologies available to expedite more timely information delivery to business shareholders, tools will simply act only as catalysts. We manage the remainder of the delivery, which consumes about 70% of the exertion involved, speaking to and remedying the complex processes used to push information into the confines of a well-formulated information model; the utter bombardment of expanding information volumes; the added convolutions of introducing new data formats into the information model; and the colossal amounts of data that need to be synthesized.

IntegrateX transforms the manner in which content is delivered to business shareholders eliminating the need to build their own data and information stores.