Dynamic Focus, Reliable Testing

A 360° approach to ensuring quality


Comprehensive Testing

IntegrateX provides an all-inclusive set of testing services including life cycle testing, test consulting, test automation services, the design and implementation of test centers of excellence, specialized testing including performance, security, and infrastructure testing. IntegrateX offers set of mobile testing services and can provide end -to-end application testing, from mobile devices to Internet applications and enterprise applications.

With an inimitable combination of testing solutions to process code through an arrangement of code-checks to identify faults, susceptibilities and compliance issues before implementing system wide integration testing. The IntegrateX testing solution is built to detect areas of potential errors related to poor coding practices and actual errors related to nonconformance to standards. Our approach alleviates project costs while successfully assuring the overall quality of applications.

At IntegrateX, we've found that the most vital component of testing web applications is a combination of recurrent communication with our client along with the flexibility to prioritize project phases without compromising the quality and value of deliverables as defined by our software testing process.

Laser Focused Configuration

Testing software depends on tools that are complex, resilient and specialized. If your infrastructure is deficient so will your end product. In a hard-hitting, competitive landscape clients require containment of their cost of product engineering simultaneously maximize their market share growth, but in the along the way they will inevitably encounter obstacles that may hinder success such as:

  • Products may have numerous versions, demanding substantial effort in parallel upkeep
  • In a rapidly transforming landscape, the products may need to be reimagined
  • Curtail launch time which results in maximized market share to become the first in the industry
  • Additional features that facilitate deeper penetration into new market segments and niches

The IntegrateX approach includes:

Decrease the cost of change

Reduce the overall cost of the full development lifecycle and the cost of all testing activities, such as performance testing or user acceptance testing.

Accelerate speed of change

Reduce the lapsed time allocated to testing and the time spent on counteractive work and operational maintenance.

Advance the governance of change

Enhanced business alignment of the testing that a company performs and better management information from the testing activities throughout the projects and programs.