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Reinventing an Experience

Our strategy stands on the foundation that the digital media and advertising ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex, fragmented and inefficient, particularly in terms of how publishers are equipped to deal with the rapid changes occurring across this landscape. We are publishers that our clients have come to rely upon to simplify this ecosystem.

Digital Publishing Leaders

The explosion of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and eReaders makes it perplexing to satisfy growing demand for smart digital content. From product documentation and training to books, magazines, research reports, and financial data, the information conventionally delivered via print or simple digital files must now be created, enriched, and packaged for new formats and devices.

Meeting this challenge requires an agile production aptitude and the ideal combination of digital content and technology capability. But cultivating and sustaining this capability internally can be expensive and tedious—new devices, g content-formatting standards, and condensed product life cycles routinely change the rules of the game.

We have single handedly reinvented the conventional publishing business model. With print on-demand technology, individual copies of books, magazine, trade journals and eBooks can be printed at a lower cost while avoiding the warehousing costs and waste associated with heavy volume output. And now, a book never goes out of print, as its life cycle is prolonged ad infinitum by housing it digitally.