Targeted Talent Beyond Your Borders

Adding value to your talent globally

ODC (Offshore Development Center)

Our ODC talent is selectively chosen to complement our clients' culture and skills. The team works on projects only for that particular client during the defined period. The client may specify the equipment and other components of infrastructure that should be made available to the team, and in that way ensure that the ODC meets the same standards as their onshore counterparts, up to and including co-branding. The more the internal IT group and the ODC can interact with each other, the better. Ideally, they should be integrated seamlessly with one another.

Unparalleled Deployment Standards

Global business evolution and improvement of industries has given way to outsourcing services and industries helping lower initial overhead. Various services can be outsourced to simplify the business processes in a corporate hierarchy.

IntegrateX specializes in outsourcing business processes and business departments for its international clientele. Upholding high standards of security and discretion, we provide outsourcing for every department with incomparable capability. We ensure the deployment and execution of global standards and highly certified teams of professionals who are handling multiple clients all over the world.