Customize Interaction at Mass Scale

Elevating your marketing strategy to new heights


Transforming Data into Insight

Driven by the mass embrace of social media platforms, this phenomenon in consumer behavior demands that the ways we market also advance. This is particularly true in business-to-business where brands compete in an environment that bombards prospects with content and countless amounts of information to capture customers' attention.

While a crystal clear marketing approach is vital in marketing efforts, it requires momentum to fuel discovery and engagement. Relying on the old model of periodic campaigns is no longer enough. These days a brand's voice takes a front seat while the hard sell takes a step back making mindful communication to an audience an extremely important factor in a feed-based marketing landscape.

We Don't Just Sell, We Add Value

IntegrateX pinpoints high-performance combinations of consumer attributes, context and creative, to locate and engage the best prospects by enabling digital marketing success without painfully high costs of integration. We know that effective marketing depends on reaching more customers, more efficiently. IntegrateX allows its clientele to standardize on one programmatic platform that delivers smarter decisions based on proven methodology.

Increasing Measurable Engagement

We can help you gauge, measure and elevate real-time engagement with your target prospects across all digital channels. With strategic use of web analytics and our digital marketing measurement solutions, you’ll be able to create the most optimal online experience for your potential audience leveraging crosschannel connections. IntegrateX will map out exactly how to segue from basic web analytics to more client-centric, purposeful marketing strategies. Through better search visibility and better segmentation, we can improve how you market your brand by steering you toward important known customer attributes, online behavioral metrics and detailed profiling. Here’s a snapshot of what we offer:

  • Campaign execution and management
  • Search marketing (SEO, PPC)
  • Detailed web reporting and optimization (A/B, MVT)
  • E-mail, affiliate and social media marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Landing page optimization
  • Strategic consultancy and advisory