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Propelling brands by way of conversation


Sustainable Reach

IntegrateX relies on an approach to marketing that trusts insight into human nature, reverence for a wide spectrum of audiences, and creativity. We believe advertising isn't just a service we offer, but a conversation that results in action and a mutual benefit to our client and their brand's reputation.

Profound ideas come from keen insights. We can attest to the fact that one good idea can propel a brand for years. Through creativity and a focus on future performance, we can continue to defy standard convention.

Being a differentiated advertising portfolio business, our future achievements are driven by an amalgam of sustainable business growth and people that will solve real problems, with creative solutions that change digital advertising for the better of all involved. IntegrateX is focused on driving cost efficient, profitable outcomes for all our stakeholders, partners and clients alike.

What’s Behind the Magic

Our advertising practice provides industry-specific services for advertising firms and agencies working with creative content used in digital advertising, direct marketing and asset management. We help customers move up the value chain with our one-stop support and solution offerings.

Our advertising outlook is focused on results, starting with pinpointing the right combination of chronological and external data sources where we dissect ROI while tracking past promotion delivery followed by a thorough comparison of performance with the competitors. In the end, it is our obligation to provide you with insights that impact your advertising campaign strategy.