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Why ERP?

Our ERP is supported by global software leader IntegrateX. It offers the freedom of choice, seamless integration, high performance and stability that companies rely on to increase profitability and gain an unparalleled competitive edge. Our ERP combines the software applications that work best for your business today, with the ability to upgrade and adapt your system as your organization scales and expands which translates to an investment in ERP that withstands the test of time.

Lead Management

Track partner leads and referrals within a single application, enabling you to acquire and retain a more solid customer base. The IntegrateX interface allows management, partners, and stakeholders to monitor leads by way of one, easy-to-use application. IntegrateX features evaluation of conversion rates and ROI by lead source including a view of exactly how many leads were generated by each lead source.


Project Management

An ERP solution allows companies to achieve true business process automation by restructuring many of the important everyday tasks involved in project management across a business landscape and freeing up human capital to focus their efforts on more compound projects that require more personalized interaction. This not only boosts productivity and worker output, but it can dramatically reduce operating and overhead expenses through a more streamlined project management process.


IntegrateX CRM software delivers meaningful impact in customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, marketing automation, customer support, and versatile customization, all in one complete CRM solution. In contrast to archetypal CRM solutions, IntegrateX CRM includes potent sales performance reporting, order management and marketing efficacy features.

Our CRM is one of the only solutions that is fully integrated with back-office order management in turn driving sales while gaining a comprehensive understanding with a true 360° degree perspective of all customer data and prospect interactions.


Finance & Invoice

IntegrateX offers comprehensive finance and invoice ERP capabilities that integrate with your wide- ranging back-office, sales, and service processes. Our ERP takes your business beyond customary financial ERP. IntegrateX helps organizations automate invoicing as well as multifaceted recurring, time and project-based billing.

IntegrateX’s finance and invoice software accelerates your organization’s financial close, provides robust expense management, offers simplified and auditable revenue management and ensures complete real- time transparency of financial performance of organization in its entirety.

Resource Management

The primary purpose of an ERP solution is successful organizational efficiency. Cumbersome, error prone, exhaustive manual processes can deplete like money, manpower and other valuable resources like time. Organizations must operate as lean as possible to sustain the bottom line, and failing to automate critical yet routine tasks without an ERP that includes resource management makes it nearly impossible. With our advanced resource management approach, you can share supply and demand information which ultimately results in improved collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. With IntegrateX, you'll be able to better manage inventory levels and costs and better meet fulfillment expectations, improving customer service.



Using IntegrateX ERP, you can successfully manage the process of recruiting new talent. With a thoroughly planned recruitment process from initial contact to on-boarding, you can create applicants automatically based on incoming emails including tracking attachments like resumes and cover letters. Recruitment ERP allows you to accurately define stages to monitor progress in the recruitment process. Rarely will a recruitment process end after just a single meeting or a phone call. It usually involves a series of stages through which recruitment progresses resulting in a promising outcome.

Business Intelligence

Access to precise and targeted business intelligence has become progressively complicated requiring several teams and divisions to operate as a single, unified unit. Without the implementation of an ERP solution, cultivating a high caliber of intra-departmental harmonization and workflow execution can be quite challenging.


ERP Overview

ERP is a 360 degree solution for the restaurant industry. It is a full integration between all systems and tools to manage the Restaurant business operations as well as increase, retain and reward consumers.

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ERP Benefits

IntegrateX ERP is a flexible business solution platform that offers enterprises a diverse range of benefits including increased productivity, enhanced workflow, reduced costs, improved decision-making and more.

  • Reduced Operational Overhead

    ERP enables businesses to fully manage and reduce costs in areas such as customer receivables, stock, production, purchasing, projects and jobs whilst reducing costs involved with owning and operating information systems.

  • Productivity Transformed

    IntegrateX ERP helps companies integrate a cohesive view of business processes which results in enhanced control over inventory migration and the production process. The solution provides integrated view of the purchase, accounts production and sales departments. The response time to the customer improves as the processing time is curtailed and robust reporting allows management to track process effectiveness.

  • Streamlined Business Processes

    ERP enables organizations to simplify and automate financial and operational processes. The extended functionality in ERP allows best practices to be implemented and consequently, reliance on subsidiary data systems such as spreadsheets is dramatically condensed.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    With ERP building and effectively managing long-term customer relationships by providing a professional level of service is made possible. Our CRM integrates seamlessly with ERP making vital customer information readily available. Companies can better manage business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care and marketing information.

  • Enhanced Sales Processes

    ERP provides transparency of the planned sales stages, projected close dates and any supporting documentation such as emails that are relevant to the prospective sale. Furthermore, sales managers have the capacity to track progress of individual sales team members, monitor forecasts and manage the sales pipeline.

  • Availability at a Moment’s Notice

    The elasticity of ERP data analysis tools give you a complete view of your business' data, making it effortless to stay informed on business decisions by allowing you respond promptly to market changes.