Meaningful Connections, Smarter Relationships


Empower innovation and accelerate the speed at which success materializes by partnering with IntegrateX to drive growth and boost our capacity to collaborate. Together we can amplify our power to make a difference.

  • Accessibility to information right at your fingertips.
  • Customized applications exclusively based on custom requirements.
  • Smart applications with enhanced user-experience.
  • Potential to reach millions of customers.

IntegrateX Partnership Program (IPP)

  • Strategic

    We work with you to facilitate a collaborative work environment where we serve as the back-end developer.

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  • Affiliate

    IntegrateX is an extension to your development team which may involve outsourcing alongside IntegrateX for other development initiatives.

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  • Reseller

    You represent IntegrateX to market our platforms and services with respective commission upon successful project closure.

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A Partnership with Us

We know alliances can strengthen brands. IntegrateX brings together businesses and organizations from all sectors to reach milestones in one concerted effort. Whether it’s improving public healthcare processes, advancing educational causes or launching a new product, we create collaborative campaigns that motivate and mobilize our audiences by the millions.

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