Mobile Technology for Finance and Banking

Taking account of ever-changing challenges

Mobile Solutions for Finance-Banking

The finance and banking sector passes through a transition state, and it needs to meet diverse challenges. Technological advancements make it sophisticated and advanced in terms of functions and operational abilities. Furthermore, strict regulatory norms have increased the compliance burden on banks and other financial organizations. On the other hand, customers want more facilities in terms of the transaction and other banking-related functions.

In order to meet the customers' varying demands, only automated banking services are not sufficient. Finance organizations also require uninterrupted and interactive customer services just like other companies. Such services help them increase brand loyalty, which eventually results in enhanced profitability. It is feasible with end-to-end mobile solutions.

Mobile solutions for finance and banking have the significant impact in terms of clients' interaction, trade execution, investment research, and accounts management.

Following facts indicate their increasing popularity

  • 68% of the European tablet owners will use their devices for banking by 2018, which shows upsurge from earlier 35%

  • 19% of US consumers prefer mobile devices to check their bank balances

  • 30% of smartphone owners prefer to use an app for banking and other financial operations

  • By 2017, more than one billion smartphone subscribers will use mobile banking

Objectives of mobile solutions

Mobile solutions work on following objectives in order to run critical business processes in a more efficient and seamless manner.
The outcome comes in the form of increased profitability and good ROI.

  • Competitive advantage

    With seamless operation and lots of interactive functions, they provide a competitive edge to finance organizations

  • Increase productivity

    With better and proper use of resources, they increase the productivity.

  • Decision-making

    They help organizations take real-time decisions on the basis of available data

Mobile software solutions for financial sector

They allow the operation of core financial processes to the mobile devices. They facilitate access to customer information, payments, account information, etc. on the move.

Wide range of services

We are aware of the challenges of finance and banking sector because of our vast experience. We understand the value of privacy and security of customer information and provide our diversified services accordingly. Irrespective of the size of financial organizations, our services address all the challenges and requirements. Avail them to automate and accelerate core finance processes to boost efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Consultancy

    On the basis of complete analysis of the risks and challenges, we provide the world-class consultancy services.

  • Mobile strategy

    We provide the most suitable mobile strategy for various financial organizations.

  • Mobile applications

    For providing core finance processes on mobile devices, we develop an innovative and interactive mobile apps.

  • Mobile websites

    In order to provide the most pleasant user experience, we emphasize on user-friendly design and interface of mobile web.

  • Customized solutions

    We provide solutions to various financial organizations as per their requirements and market trend.

  • Mobile banking

    We develop secure mobile apps for mobile banking facility to make banks more customer-friendly.

Along with this, banks can leverage the benefits of our quality mobility solutions.
Some of them are following

  • Customers and bank can reach each other anytime and anywhere

  • Location-based services help customers find bank branches and ATMs

  • Banks can send notifications regarding the latest offers and promotions

  • All types of transaction are possible on the move through mobile devices

In the wrapped up, mobility solutions for finance and banking can replace the conventional methods of business operations with the latest techniques and provide an interactive user experience for sustaining growth of financial organizations.