Healthcare Mobile Apps

Making operations of health organizations healthier

Healthcare industry has to deal with many challenges namely- complex government ordinances, increased awareness of maintaining health records, chronic illnesses, an enormous amount of medical data and so forth. In order to address all of them effectively and efficiently, healthcare systems need to be robust, scalable, flexible and easy to navigate. As the healthcare sector rapidly transforms from the traditional to industrial form, legacy systems become outdated and insufficient to maintain the flow. There, enterprise mobility for healthcare comes as a revolutionary technology that serves two purposes: Firstly, it provides advanced healthcare solutions and secondly, it helpsthe stakeholders from doctors and paramedics to patients in accessing crucial data irrespective of time and place. As per Becker's Health IT review, clinicians use mobile apps for patient care in many ways, but following are the most common uses:

  • use them to view patient information

  • use them for looking up non-PHI health information

  • use them for education and training purposes

  • use them for clinical notifications

  • use them for secure communications regarding patients

As per the research from Juniper, health-related apps downloads will reach up to 142 million
by the end of 2016.

Why do health organizations require mobile solutions?

The mobile app solutions are beneficial for providing a quick and better response to diagnosis and treatment of ailments. In addition, healthcare professionals and other related people can access important data anytime and anywhere via the cloud. Better integration of enterprise solutions results in better and quicker healthcare services.

  • Inclusive patient care

    Remote access to the patients' data through the M2M model and the cloud enables healthcare professionals to take patient care in an inclusive manner

  • Privacy protection

    Such apps protect privacy of patients efficiently and effectively that facilitate healthcare organizations to gain their trust

  • Real-time communication

    Physicians and paramedics can communicate on the move through such apps for providing real-time healthcare services to patients

Diversified enterprise mobile solutions

  • Hospital Information System (HIS) with NIS, LIS, RIS
  • Automated Appointment Reminder System for patients
  • ePrescription and Decision-Making System for physicians
  • Software with HIPAA compliance
  • Hospital Accounting and Inventory Management Software for facilitating clerical work
  • Integration of Third Party Medical Software like 'Medical Pharmacopeia' into existing healthcare systems
  • EHR and PHR software for better understanding of patient's ailment
  • Operation Theatre System (OTS) for better management of OT

Our approach for enterprise mobility
in healthcare sector

IntegrateX help your healthcare organization lead the industry with a pool of talented and experienced in-house professionals.
We provide you end-to-end solutions for meeting your requirements.

  • Data Conversion and Analysis

    • Our solutions include converting legacy systems' data into information rich architecture for facilitating better finance management and admin process
    • Healthcare organizations leverage the benefits of having patient-centric data and analysis for more research and improvement of service
  • Healthcare Data Sharing and Exchange

    • Consultants, insurers, and other concerned persons can readily share and exchange patient's data and other secure content for providing better services
    • It facilitates sharing and exchanging secure information within the organization and among specific centers
  • Seamless functionality and Enterprise Mobility

    • Enterprise mobility solutions provide seamless functioning of healthcare system at all terminals
    • It helps organizations provide quality patient care services with seamless functions and error-free data sharing
  • Integration and Navigation

    • It integrates enterprise solutions with existing resources and enables organizations to increase their productivity without affecting control cost
    • It enables secure navigation to data management system for saving time and costs