Enterprise Mobility in Telecom Industry

Call for leveraging benefits of technology

Today, communication media witness a new paradigm shift in a form of mobility.
Telecom service providers have to cope up with:

  • Ever-changing requirements of customers in terms of features

  • High volatility in the market

  • Affordability of customers for improved services and features

  • Adaption of the latest technology

In order to respond to all such challenges, enterprise mobility lends a helping hand with scalable technology software and apps. Being focused on market trends, enterprise mobility provides the cloud and data services for serving both workforce and subscribers of telecom service providers.

In brief, enterprise mobility solutions
help telcos in two ways:

Quick Facts

  • 1 Billion

    The number of global LTE connections is expected to exceed 1 billion mark in 2017

  • 3 Billion

    By 2015, it is expected that there will be more than 3 billion mobile broadband customers worldwide

  • 60%

    Approximately 60% growth on CAGR basis is expected in video traffic of various mobile networks

  • 40%

    More than 40% of the world's population use the Internet and most of the people use it through smartphones

Mobility solutions open the window of opportunities

Mobility solutions provide an array of essential apps along with robust mobile data deployment services. Both of them are necessary for increasing productivity and ROI. Mobility opens the window of opportunities through serving the following objectives

Reliable, rapid and efficient process execution

Better flexibility and scalability to support technological advancement

Attract new customers and retain the existing ones

Decrease overheads/costs through operational efficiency

Enterprise mobility solutions put the growth of a telecom company at the higher pace. Such solutions take the holistic approach to improving telecom output and help service providers manage the workload and valuable IT resources.

IntegrateX Advantage

With flexible mobility models for IT and Telecom service providers, IntegrateX focuses on augmenting operational efficiency and per-user revenue. It offers solutions for enabling adequate remote access of essential telecom apps for the employees.It also enables companies to measure and maintain deployed mobile network.
We work in following domains:

Services we provide

With an array of services, we offer a 360-degree solution for achieving an edge over competitors. Our services include everything
requires for the optimal function and performance of all the features and facilities of telcos.

IntegrateX is a one-stop destination of enterprise mobility solutions for IT and telecom companies.

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