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Business operations are passing through a paradigm shift from E-Commerce to M-Commerce. As the mobile technology advances, enterprises consider leveraging benefits of increased mobile devices' penetration worldwide. There, concept of M-Commerce or mobile commerce gains the ground. E-Commerce provides a platform for any business. Along with giving online presence to any business, E-Commerce facilitates both promotion and trading of products while M-Commerce provides the same facilities along with benefits of penetration among mobile devices. In order to cope up with the challenges and increasing competition, mobility solutions for E-Commerce become a top priority for many enterprises. Following facts reveal the importance of mobility solutions for E-Commerce industry:

  • Over 1.2 billion people access the web from mobile devices

  • More than 58% of all US consumers have a smartphone

  • Global mobile traffic accounts for 15% of total internet traffic

  • Cell phones are five times more than PCs in the world

Why IntegrateX

  • We provide a robust, flexible and scalable E-Commerce platform. Along with highly customized solutions, companies can get the strategic advantage of B2B and B2C models.

  • We provide solutions on the basis of extensive research on current market trend and changing requirements of an organization.

  • We develop mobile apps or websites with the combination of all technologies in such a way that they can function well on all the platforms and devices.

Our services include

  • Design

    E-Commerce industry has to deal with two primary challenges: customer satisfaction and smooth functionality. We design and develop user-friendly apps and websites for enhancing users' experience. In addition, with flexibility in functions, we assure their flawless operation on various platforms and devices.

  • Consulting of solutions

    Current market trend and business requirements of a particular organization are our focused areas. On the basis of them, we offer world-class consultancy services to E-Commerce organizations.

  • Merging of platforms

    For a unique shopping experience with each and every device and platform, we merge them with state-of-the-art technology. Our solutions include continuous adjustment of E-Commerce site or app in accordance with newer demands.

  • B2B and B2C Solutions

    B2B E-Commerce is a legacy system and is being redesigned to make them customer-centric. With a vast experience of E-Commerce and mobility solutions' experience, we provide the benefits of both of them to our clients.

We offer cost-effective and streamlined solutions with a wide range of services in E-Commerce and M-Commerce domain.

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