Intelligent Design Inspired by the End-User

Going beyond usability and design

User Experience

Mindful Design

IntegrateX believes that User Experience (UX) is more than just intuitiveness, usability, interface, and GUI (graphical user interface). At IntegrateX, the core of user experience is a science and an art. It encompasses designing a product such as a website or a software application that showcases elegant simplicity simultaneously integrating visual appeal. We take into account the vast variance of capabilities and features coupling both functionality and creative flair.

Interaction and Interfaces Converge

IntegrateX understands that experiencing new challenges of how to deepen customer engagement and create a user experience that is resilient and timeless is more perplexing than it seems. IntegrateX believes usability is not merely a feature; it is a fundamental requirement.

We deliver value while telling engaging stories through a intermingling of digital devices and within a network of multiple brands, services, and platforms. We merge interaction and interface— both of which are ingrained in human necessity and usability— creating integrated relationships between brand vision and ease of use.

The digital world has become a daunting multiplatform landscape with a wide range of users. IntegrateX anticipates change before it happens with an iterative product development arc to ensure innovation. We lead with ambition and a focus on fueling better design and an even better digital experience.

Why UX Matters

Compelling user and customer experience are critical to achieving business goals. User experience design is not just visually pleasing and can deliver substantial return on investment (ROI). We help enterprises focus on user experience design and usability rigor as part of the whole scheme of organizational branding. This results in an emphasis on delivering quality to our clients’ users. We lead with the following maxim--usability design precedes software solution design. In other words, UX always comes first.

Before our UX team embarks on the design, we must reach a consensus in terms of metrics efficacy. We’ve compiled usability standards that prove efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction as the three primary goals of UX usability. Together we meticulously outline several metrics that used to measure realization of these three goals.

It is important to note that user experience is not comprised only of the look and feel of the end product. The Iceberg Model of UX design illustrates that is a much more complex matter that involves depth and complexity.