Meaningful Impact from the Inside Out

Connecting people and processes through strategic planning

Process Transformation

Identifying Integral Client Needs

With keen foresight, IntegrateX anticipates innovative processes coming into fruition as the physical world becomes increasingly more instrumented, interconnected, and integrated. There is a dire need for improving process design methodology to improve system implementation. With a targeted process implementation approach IntegrateX ensures that projected outcomes of a system project are realized.

A Holistic Connection

Our vehicle for promoting business process transformation is strategic planning. IntegrateX aligns IT strategy and process transformation by way of scrupulous mapping to facilitate the strategic planning process to connect with an organization's business structure. We distinguish the imminence of data in process transformation initiatives by supporting data governance and process governance, and gradually initiating master data management. With a sense of urgency, IntegrateX take a strong stance on analytics as the first step toward integration.

Our Arsenal of Preparation

  • Process-driven vs. package-driven methodology: These methods are geared toward achieving process transformation by integrating application-delivered best practices. In juxtaposition, these two approaches both warrant cautious planning efforts in the final execution phase. IntegrateX helps you every step of the planning process.
  • Business process standardization vs. synchronization: In an increasingly dynamic business environment, deciding between process standardization and process harmonization is vital to the success of a transformation program. The operating model structure is a guiding feature when developing a synchronization strategy. And in most cases a single strategy cannot be applied across organizational functions.
  • Deploying next-generation technology: IntegrateX helps you stay ahead of competition by recalibrating business processes to bring to fruition a seamless infusion of the next generation technologies that are deployed without a hitch.