Targeted Insight

Delivering IT strategy with purpose

IT Strategy

Reshaping a Turbulent Landscape

IT strategy has increasingly become a fundamental impetus in business transformation and expansion. IntegrateX begins each IT strategy consultation by constructing the conceptual architecture that is comprised of the full scope of organizational goals as delineated for the engagement. This entails defining application and automation boundaries for the client's IT systems and representing critical client-specific processing requirements.

Traditionally, IT success was measured in terms of prevention methods such as circumventing system crashes and averting security lapses. IntegrateX seeks to deliver tangible value and enable growth supported by an information technology strategy that intuitively prevents system failure.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organization's strategy, current capabilities and IT objectives, IntegrateX highlights many foreseeable risks and potential areas of disparity. In addition, we develop a roadmap for how the organization and information technology will enhance business strategy while mitigating risk, minimizing cost and energizing growth.

Crystal Clear Alignment of Values

By clearly defining the ideal channel to implement a new IT strategy, IntegrateX deploys IT systems that are better suited to the organization's business vision and core values. We develop the foundation that makes it easier to detect errors before building an IT model.

IntegrateX takes an active approach in defining, aligning and creating a strategic advantage that ultimately catapults an organization into success.

The Role of IT

Information technology (IT) has become a vital and integral part of every global business plan. From multi-national organizations to international enterprises who maintain mainframe systems and databases to small businesses that own a small computer network, IT plays a fundamental role in global business operations. IT infrastructure flexibility is perceived as an organizational core competency that is indispensable for organizations’ to survival in a rapidly-changing, competitive, business landscape. Connectivity, modularity, and IT personnel have momentous, positive impacts on the tactical alignment of all operational components and all four have a direct relationship with applications execution.

We develop your IT framework by first dissecting what defines your IT infrastructure and its distinguishing elements. We then assess and determine the most optimal model that will suit your IT infrastructure and its relationship to strategic IT business alignment and to applications implementation in the organization resulting in elasticity in preparation for future elasticity.