Enhancing Global Reach with Information Access

Increasing business awareness with the right set of data

Business Intelligence

A Stronghold on Data Command

When an organization possesses an all-inclusive command of its data, it can comply with large-scale, expansive change. This capability makes for a more highly competitive organization increasing the likelihood it will remain a key player within its industry's competitive landscape while staying ahead of the market. IntegrateX strives to push intelligence from the back-office environment directly to front-line users.

Seamless Integration

The IntegrateX approach is rooted in both strategic and operational intelligence resulting in permanent impact on the quality of decision making processes. Business intelligence requires a game plan that shapes a pre-emptive path for executing the strategy. We successfully integrate both seamlessly.

A Smorgasbord of Benefits

Access to business intelligence is undoubtedly a treasured asset to a company's potential for business expansion and revenue increases providing up-to-the-minute metrics that identify industry trends, product improvement and competitor progress and analytics including untapped market segments. Detailed and current data is also a valuable backup to negotiations with suppliers or other vendors.

Business intelligence can pinpoint areas of loss that may have historically been overlooked or ignored within the inner workings of a large, multi-national enterprise. An efficient business intelligence system works as a cohesive, integrated, entity that leads to the analysis of transactions between divisions and departments to isolate areas of intersection or disparity. According to the CIO website, in 2000 "with the help of [business intelligence] tools, Toyota realized it had been double-paying its shippers to the tune of $812,000."

Business intelligence can help an organization gauge its own competencies while paralleling its comparative fortes and shortcomings with its market rivals by:

  • Recognizing trends and market conditions;
  • Shortening reaction and response time to implement change to gain a competitive advantage, according to the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology.
  • Assisting decision makers in executing appropriate strategy to bridge gaps and create opportunity;
  • Aiding the organization in cross-departmental identification of its most profitable market segments;
  • Remedying areas of concern in terms of customer dissatisfaction before leading to financial loss.

The ability to elevate performance within a large enterprise archetypally depends on a decision-maker's capacity to sense and respond, essentially, their ability to gauge business performance, and then to react proactively in a timely manner. Decision makers' ability to manage business performance wanes when they are not able to respond promptly. This breakdown is usually described as a shortcoming where the required information is not accessible at the time dire business decisions are made. To facilitate this we offer:

  • Effective Business Intelligence: Enable effective detection, monitoring, management, and analysis of your business
  • Business Performance Management (BPM): Make critical decisions for business-as-usual, risk events, and opportunities
  • Risk Compliance Management: Monitor regulatory compliance and risk across divisions and multiple geographical locales
  • Reporting & Analytics: Manage prospects and customer relationships through the entire lifecycle by leveraging quality information
  • Workforce Productivity: Measure and monitor workforce operations and efficacy to improve productivity