Breathing Life into Unrealized Brand Potential

Capturing share of mind via behavioral metrics

Brand Management

Heightened Brand Awareness

Whether it's a national campaign or a simple banner, IntegrateX is passionate about creativity that bursts through chaos and clutter and into hearts and minds. We know that the most impeccable campaigns are nothing without strategy behind them—that great concepts that are executed in the right way not only change and shape behavior but ultimately spur action.

Our Sixth Sense, Our Forte

IntegrateX identifies brand influencers and creates a route for communicating them through multiple channels by contiguously targeting audiences through marketing strategy, social media and content messaging. Our goal is to help our clients cultivate more trust and credibility in their brand. The concept of a strong brand is something that we understand on a very instinctual level. From our experience businesses with high brand strength do better in the marketplace and it's our job to make that happen.

Behavioral Impact and Authenticity

We operate by coupling brand management with behavioral metrics to improve and magnify brand favorability and brand reputation. We achieve this through a profound understanding of how people formulate opinions and the digital cultural touch points that impact behavior. We truly believe brand management is most effective when masterfully crafted through experiences that are grounded in social science. In the end, we help brands capture share of mind through authenticity.

Intelligent Brand Strategy = Global Reach

By cultivating a strong brand presence, IntegrateX realizes your potential to dominate in your industry, strengthen global reach, and expanding revenue. We do this by honing in on your overall brand voice and projecting the most optimal image to your audience and prospective client base. This creates a sharpened alignment between your digital assets and business objectives. We capture the true essence of what is at the core of your offerings while emphasizing the principal creative concepts that set you apart from your competitors.

Our flexible and customized approach is tailored to the needs of your business and the life cycle of your brand ensuring that all brand touch points are developed to their fullest potential. We collaborate with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s distinctive needs, bringing to life an innovative, integrated level of strategic expertise for short term and long term brand solutions.

We evolve a client’s brand strategy by nurturing its competencies and discovering creative ways to help build credibility and increase its cultural relevance. We study and gather deep cultural insight and apply strategic rigor to create clarity of its cultural role for the brand. By genuinely integrating resources and know-how we can populate the diverse range of platforms that will innovate and connect the brand in both the cultural and technological landscapes.